Beaumont Sounds is Dominic's recording studio in NE Portland.

24 inputs to Apollo/ApolloX interfaces. 

Mics: Lauten Atlantis, Townsend L22, Soundelux U195, JZ V67, Beyerdynamic MC930 (2), SE 5 (2), Audio Technica AE5100 (3), CAD Equitek E-300 (2),  CAD Equitek E-100, SM7B, MD421, SM57 (3), SM 58 (2), Audix I5 (3), AKG D112, Audio Technica AE5400, Vintage Electro-Voice RE-11 (2), EV PL80, Cascade Fathead, Cascade X-15, MXL DX-2

Pres: Avedis, Undertone Audio, Classic API, MAAG, Warm Audio.

Monitors: Focal CMS65, Avantone

Instruments: Vintage Rogers kit, Adam Schaaf baby grand, Baldwin Acrosonic, Rhodes Mark I, Ace Tone Model Top5, Lots of guitars, Fender P Bass, 


Use the contact tab above to book studio time or ask any questions you have. Hey singer-songwriters, we have a great roster of session players that can make your songs complete. Full bands welcome, too!